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"6 Little Monks" High quality Feng Shui Clay Sculptures for Harmony at Home

"6 Little Monks" High quality Feng Shui Clay Sculptures for Harmony at Home

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Recharge your soul with powerful "Feng Shui" energy

◾️ Make your home a place of rest and relaxation. Here you can recharge your batteries and bring your inner feelings into balance.

Inner calm and positive thinking

◾️ Are qualities that have an incredible impact on a person's life. This is why proper balance and approach are so important so that mental and physical health is not harmed under constant stress and pressure.

Every object has its aura

◾️ Keep the vibrations in your home at a frequency that gives you strength. Objects that put you in positive vibrations when viewed are your Feng Shui objects that do not are either out of place or belong completely out of your sight.

Which feeling has to be balanced with you?

◾️ The little monks are charged with positive energy. Each one helps you to find inner peace and to bring your emotional world into balance.

Every figure has the power of our earth

◾️ Natural materials can store more positive energy and release it to the outside. Clay and fire have fueled the monk figures with a lot of energy, which is transferred to you through visual contact or touch.

Every monk symbolizes a feeling

◾️ Consciousness

◾️ Thankfulness

◾️ Happiness

◾️ Farsightedness

◾️ Contentedness

◾️ Harmony

Find the right helper for you who will remind you to focus on this feeling!

Handcrafted from natural clay

◾️ The detailed figures are made by master craftsmen using a traditional method from water, clay and fire, which has been practiced for thousands of years by different cultures for clay processing.



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