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Luxury Electric Bike RIDER GT PLUS - "Harley Edition" 750W power

Luxury Electric Bike RIDER GT PLUS - "Harley Edition" 750W power

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RIDER GT PLUS - Harley Edition

Premium e-bike for people with special demands on quality, durability and design

High quality frame for fully integrated batteries

◾️ The full integration of the batteries into the frame ensures a harmonious look.

◾️ The lithium-ion battery from SAMSUNG can be used for longer distances even without pedal assistance.

High-tech LCD on-board computer

◾️ The clear on-board computer with a large screen shows the most relevant information that you can read during your journey. This includes:

✔️ Speed

✔️ Battery indicator

✔️ Kilometers driven (total)

✔️ Kilometers driven (trip)

✔️ Information about the gear shift

Join forces!

◾️ The "RAIDER GT PLUS" eBike has a powerful, brushless 750W high-performance rear wheel motor that impresses with its reliability. With rear-wheel drive, you have more stable handling than with front-wheel drive, especially on inclines and slippery surfaces.

20 inch tires with a retro look

◾️ With the thick balloon tires on gold-painted chrome alloy wheels of the RIDER GT PLUS - "Harley Edition" you will feel like the "King" on the road. A chilled ride in the city or excursions into nature away from the noise of the big city, through green fields and sunny landscapes. These tires also provide grip and traction, even on the roughest terrain.


Increase your driving safety

◾️ The hydraulic brakes, the extra-large brake discs and the large handlebars ensure fun and the necessary safety when driving. Which will bring you back home unharmed.

Extra large LED headlights

◾️ Big bike for big boys naturally has a big headlight. This fits the "Harley Edition" design concept and illuminates the road like a real motorcycle.

A few words about the seat

◾️ The most valuable thing about the e-bike is the spring-loaded chopper saddle, which is handmade from leather. The extra wide seat is so comfortable that you might sometimes mistake it for your living room couch.

Gentle suspension

◾️ The front fork of the RIDER GT PLUS is equipped with a hydraulic suspension that increases driving comfort (even off-road) by 1000%. Driving down the street would feel as smooth and fluid as a hot knife slicing through butter.

It is only from these "ingredients" that well-balanced functioning e-bikes of exceptional quality and durability are created!

✔️ The e-bikes are produced in limited numbers on pre-order. The delivery time can be between 30-60 days. We ask for your understanding.

If you have further questions about the e-bike/shipping, please contact our support

🔽Technical specifications:

Battery pack:

48V, 17,5 Ah, 750 Wh, Lithium Ionen battery


LED BIG LIGHT headlights


210 mm hydraulic disc brakes


LCD onboard computer


Aluminum 20" x 4" inches


Gas-filled shock absorber


Unthrottled up to 42 km/h; 


Three frame sizes available: S/M/L

Rear suspension:

Aluminum strut


66 lbs



Engine power:

750 W (140 Nm)


VP Light Pedals




20x4 balloon tire

Shock absorber:

Rear: SRAM Rock Shox MONARCH PLUS R 200-57, Front: SRAM Rock Shox MONARCH R 160-38




Handmade from leather, extra wide



Front hub:

big holder

Rear hub:



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