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BLACKWOOD Outdoor Compact Chainsaw

BLACKWOOD Outdoor Compact Chainsaw

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BLACKWOOD Outdoor Compact Chainsaw

✅ With this sturdy and robust chainsaw you can effortlessly saw off branches and small trees.

✅ It is ideal for camping and wherever noise is not desired.

✅ Very sharp and can be transported to save space.

✅ Fast and precise sawing with 92 teeth.

✅ Ergonomically shaped and comfortable handles sit well and securely in the hands.

BAYONDO Premium outdoor hand chainsaw, with comfortable handles, 92 teeth, compact, ideal for survival in the forest GUARANTEE PROMISE


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Carl Blackmon
Does the job as expected

Works as expected. I was able to remove a 5 inch oak limb and an 8 inch pine limb. Like any manual saw, effort and persistence is required. I encountered a problem with binding, but the saw was strong enough to withstand the tension needed to break it loose. To avoid pinching I attached a second rope to the end of the limb and applied tension with a come-along, keeping the cut open, preventing binding. This saw is longer than most, allowing the ideal back and forth play. The package includes rope of sufficient length to reach any limb within a safe height. However, I had to slide the pull grips up the rope and tie a stop knot underneath each to set the needed pull length. There were no instructions on either the need or method of doing this. I have used the saw on two limbs, with no noticeable blade dulling. Overall, I was satisfied with the performance. Safety note: the hardwood limb fell quickly, rather than slowly cracking and breaking as expected. Fortunately, I was sawing at an angle away from the limb, rather than standing directly underneath. Someone with less experience may encounter problems using this type of saw. It comes with little instruction, guidance, and helpful hints

Paul Smolenyak
Good tool for the money.

The saw quickly cut through a 14 inch branch of a dead ponderosa pine that needed to come off before felling the tree. With two people working the saw got stuck at first but with a little practice and a less aggressive stroke we were through the limb in about 10 minutes or less.

Useless junk

I’ve owned saws like this before and although they are a lot of work to use they usually get the job done.

This saw however is useless. I tried limbing up several out of reach branches with this saw to end up just giving up.

The saw gets jammed in the cut on every attempt I made to saw off a limb. Ultimately I nearly killed myself dislodging the saw blade and still did not successfully cut off the branch.

The final attempt I made to cut a limb ended the same way. The saw jammed in the cut and never to be dislodged. In fact I’d be sending it back to Amazon if I could get it out of the tree where it remains even now.

This is the most useless piece of crap tool I’ve ever owned

Karsten X. Fontenot
Steep learning curve

The tool works, but you need a lot of patience to use it. It took me several attempts to get my limb down. The limb was approximately 20 feet up among other branches and 6-7 inches in diameter. The tool cuts great, but as other reviewers mentioned, it can bind up in the limb. I used chainsaw lubricant on the chain per the reviews. It helps. My issue was mainly the S hooks the rope inserts into. The rope would back off the hook if I got too aggressive, and I would have to start over. My solution was to close the open ends of the S very carefully with a hammer.

Jim Emery
Good for high up limbs

Easy to use - able to cut a limb off that was twenty feet high