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4K/60fps Head-Mounted Camera LENOVO LX950 with 110° (128GB)

4K/60fps Head-Mounted Camera LENOVO LX950 with 110° (128GB)

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4K/60fps Lenovo LX950

Film your life as you see it!

You get:
1x 4K/60fps Head-Mounted camera LENOVO LX950 with 110° wide angle lens inc. 128GB Micro SD, 2 axes stabilizer

◼️ Make your life look like a first-person computer game and share your pictures with your friends, family or followers. People will be able to experience your emotions the same way you experienced them. Allow yourself this fun!


Smooth images for professional recordings

◼️ The integrated 360° gimbal anti-shake stabilizer ensures incredibly stable video recordings, so you can use the Lenovo LX950 as an action camera, whether exploring new places, cycling beautiful landscapes, hiking in the summer forest, cooking delicious dishes or driving your car. The camera sits firmly on your head and doesn't interfere with what you're doing

Show more of the world as you see it!

◼️ The 110° wide-angle lens of the Lenovo LX950 head camera allows you to give more insight into your video recordings. Take beautiful pictures of your activities and add more excitement and feeling of being with you at the distant place.

Sharp videos in 4K quality

◼️ Show your activities clearly to your followers on Youtube, Instagram and other video platforms. The built-in SONY sensor offers multiple adjustable resolutions: Max. 4k/60fps, 2.7k/30fps, 1080p/60fps for a high-quality picture.

Experience filming in a new way with 2 hands free

◼️ No more stabilizers to hold in your hands. No complicated and huge structures on your head to which your action camera or smartphone is attached. The Lenovo LX950 is small and compact and does almost everything with it. You have your hands free and can use them and record how you cook, do handicrafts, drive a car, hike and just be fully active

Powerful 1000 mAh battery

◼️ You will have enough time to record enough footage on one battery charge to get a meaningful video. With a power bank, the Lenovo LX950 can be easily charged via the USB port.

Unique videos with Lenovo LX950 GUARANTEE PROMISE


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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Practical and easy to use camera

I found this camera very practical, functional and easy to use.
It allows you to have your hands free and operate it from a small control that goes on the wrist of your hands.
The image quality is acceptable.
I found the price to be slightly elevated compared to the quality and features.

Love it!!

I'm thrilled with this video camera, especially for its hands-free functionality. It allows me to capture moments and scenes effortlessly, freeing up my hands to engage in the experience fully. Whether recording my adventures or simply sharing moments with loved ones, this camera's convenience and versatility make it invaluable for capturing life's precious memories.

Marshall Shelton
depends on what you are doing

some times the videos are great, they have great sound and are nice and stable. other times the sound is terrible and the video is shaky. If I am riding down the highway on my bike it moves around a lot in the wind and the sound is just loud wind noise that would be expected but when I am using it while fishing it is still shaky and has some wind noise depending on the direction you are facing and the direction of the wind. If I am wearing it while walking it is not bad the video is stable and the wind noise is not bad either

Perfect for mountain biking

I was able to attach this to my mountain bike helmet using a few zip ties and it's working great. Love the "watch" that lets me turn it on\off with my gloves on. I've actually been impressed with the picture quality and stabilization. It maybe not be to the level of the very latest top end GoPro, but this camera is also half the price and with it's "bullet" style design, it looks better when attached to a helmet. I've never understood why GoPro doesn't make a camera shaped like this.

its so cool. Very nice

This is a really cool camera .
It really smooths out the severe jerky movements which makes watching the video so much more enjoyable. You sill get some but not as severe.
At first it was awkward to wear because of the weight only on one side of my head ( not that it is heavy) , I felt like I was off balance.
After 15 minutes I did not even notice it.
I would buy again.